The T.S.P.C.A is dedicated to protect all animals from suffering, to create a better living environment for animals and people and provide all aspects of animal welfare

The challenges we face in most cases when pursuing our activities are as follows:-

a)Insufficient Financial resources for acquiring equipment which can be used in traping animals and in providing education to the society.

b)Limited space to keep Homeless animals and injured animals who get shot by Government Authority in the most cases.

c)Low level of awareness among members of the society in animals welfare.

d)Limited participation of media in providing education on animals’ welfare in a broad measure and with reasonable speed.

  1. Adoption
    Have you been thinking about bringing an animal into your family? Please consider our dogs, cats and others at the shelter. These animals are so desperately waiting for that family to give them the love and attention they need.
  2. Donations
    Our organization is Non-profit, means receive no government fund. All of our achievements have been funded through memberships fees for now. The T.S.P.C.A is open to the public and you are welcome to visit the shelter and see the great strides being made.  Donations do not always have to be monetary. it can be services, products or off-cuts that we could use as donation from organization.
  3. Membership
    Are you a member yet? What about your employer? Please support our association by becoming a member now.
  4. Shop/services
    T.S.P.C.A is on plan to launch small shops that will supply/ selling pets toys,food,T-shirt and other related to animals issues as means of raising funds.
  5. Volunteering
    We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us during events.  If you have Great new ideas on how to raise fund, TSPCA is opening the door for someone like you.
  6. Animal advertisement 
    We TSPCA we do allow for you to advertise your services or products concerning animals issues through our website. your advertisement will support us alot to pursue our animals activities.

Would you like to make a contribution to the TSPCA?

Would you like to save time and hassle while doing it?

Why not make a direct deposit!

(Please fax or email proof of deposit to the TSPCA so that we can acknowledge your gift)