Be a Member

Membership to TSCPA is open to all ascribe to our objectives and can abide to our constitution.
You can always fill our membership form online or by downloading.
Acceptance or rejection of membership is a prerogative of the Executive Committee.


  1. Ordinary Member
    • 18 years and above
    • Having demonstrated interest and commitment to Animals Welfare
    • Must have ability to pay membership fee and other fees as will be determined by the Executive Committee.
    • Can vote and be voted in for Leadership
  2. Corporate Membership
    • Must be a registered corporate entities
    • And their activities not detrimental to Animal Welfare
    • Ready to pay membership and other Fees
    • Would be allowed to vote but not to be voted for leadership
  3. Student Membership
    • Membership reserved for primary and secondary school students
    • Membership through “Animal Welfare Defender Clubs”
    • Membership application and other requirements to be determined by the Executive Committee.
  4. Honorary Membership
    • Must be of very high social integrity
    • Has a history of loving and caring Animals
    • Has a history of contributing to the success of TSPCA in fulfilling its Objectives
    • Is ready to assist the society in fulfilling its mandate
    • And MUST be proposed by at least THREE members
    • Acceptance or Rejection by the AGM forwarded by Executive Committee.
    • On acceptance to be issued with a Special Certificate and A Badge.
  5. Animal Membership
    • Owners with Domesticated Animals
    • Membership application filled and fees paid by owner
    • Rights and obligations to be decided by Executive Committee.
    • Can not vote or be voted to leadership

Cessation of Membership

    • By resignation
    • Non payment of fees
    • Constitutional Termination
    • Insanity
    • Death


Download the membership application form from here
click here for application

Return the completed form to us with your fee or donation
Post: Membership Secretary,
P O BOX 1844,