Tanzania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) performs the following activities:-

    1. Lobbying and Advocacy
      -development of Animal Welfare policies
      -legal and regulatory framework
    2. Animal Welfare Activities
      -charity treatment and vaccination
      -disaster assistance
      -cleaning of Animal pens in markets
    3. Sensitization and mobilization
      -sensitization of Animal Welfare in schools
      -sensitization of Animal Welfare in livestock markets
      -sensitization of Animal Welfare in slaughter houses
      -mobilization of public in Animal welfare through radio, TV and banners
    4. Legal Enforcement
      -taking legal action against perpetrators of cruelty to Animals
      -Animal Welfare inspections in slaughter houses, markets and homes
    5. Institutional Development
      -resource mobilization

TSPCA is committed to finalize their strategic plan in the coming months. And this Strategic Plan covers the following:-

      • Community education program.
      • policy Advocacy program
      • Animal Welfare inspection program
      • Institutional capacity building.